Travis Dean's Piano Lessons

Pianos lessons are a commitment and can be very useful in the development of the student. An interesting fact about music students is that studies have shown that students who are advanced in math have a musical background.

Fall Registration (Sept. 2017-Dec. 2017) and Payment: ♩

-Complete Registration Form HERE

-Lessons are only offered Fridays, 2:30pm-6:00pm

-Piano Lessons are $60 a month for 1 half hour/weekly lesson a total of 4 lessons a month. ( November's payment also covers December due to holidays, homecoming celebration, and other activities. Discounts will be added to payments when teacher deems necessary.)

-Lessons are paid monthly, not weekly, the first piano lesson scheduled of the month is when payment is due, not the first lesson attened.

-If a student does not attend a lesson the payment will not be refunded.

-Students are required to pay for the book needed for the lessons which is $25. Books are only bought when needed to advance levels. Students advance in level about ever year depending on the learning strength of the student.


Curriculum: ♪

-Mayron Cole Piano Method is the basis of the 9 month Piano Program through Lesson Plans and Curriculum Outlines.

-Student will be given a homework assignment each week along with expected personal practice at home.  

-If you would like a copy of the "Piano Lesson Objectives, Curriculum, and Evaluation" form please contact the teacher.  


Cancellation Policy: ♭

-If student decides to quit piano lessons, parents take student out of program, or student does not show up (see below), you slot will be opened for a new student. Payment for that month will not be refunded. Payment made for future lesson/months that are pre-paid will not be refunded either.

-If students does not attend lessons for FOUR (4) consecutive weeks without notice, students spot will be forfeited and become available for a new student.

Make Up Lessons: ♯

-Make-up lessons are not given.